Director: Albert & David Maysles

Year: 1963/1964

Running time: 98 Minutes

Format: 35MM/ DCP/ DCP

Screening times:

• Sunday, March 15 – 6:00pm

A three-film, two-year snapshot of the prolific filmmakers. SHOWMAN follows mogul in the making Joe Levine during the ballyhoo of TWO WOMEN and Sofia Loren’s Oscar-winning performance. Levine wheels and deals his way through daily life while surrounded by movie stars, fellow tycoons, and yes-men. In Orson Welles in SPAIN Welles pitches to potential investors his vision of a largely improvised bullfighting movie about an existentialist troubadour / matador. In front of an audience of wealthy arts patrons, Welles pontificates on the state of cinema, the filmmaking process, and the art of bullfighting. Told in the Maysles’ inimitable style, IBM: A SELF PORTRAIT captures the future corporate juggernaut at an early stage of their development. The emphasis here is on the human ingenuity behind the technology industry—the colorful technicians and executives working together to create the future’s design for living.