Director: Ken Loach

Year: 1969

Running time: 112 Minutes

Format: 35mm

Screening times:

• Friday, March 27 – 7:30pm

• Saturday, March 28 – 9:30pm

Yorkshire in this movie is like another planet, a million miles and a million years away. It’s unbelievable to look at. Everything is covered in soot, every building is brick, every river is oily, and everyone is living a miserable hardscrabble life. Kes follows a sensitive young lad who doesn’t fit the tightly circumscribed societal structure of school, footy, and then down into the mines upon graduation. He forms an unlikely relationship with a hawk and learns that the world and one’s place in it have the potential to be bigger than he initially thought. Kes is a low-key epic of the interior life, the yearning for something else, and the constricting force of conformity.